The Unnamed One

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Omea Reader updated

Even since I first saw IDEA, I made it a point to visit the JetBrains site regularly. When I saw their new product Omea, I thought finally here is something I cannot live without. Now its been updated. Omea Reader v1.0.2 buld 381 is out get it now at They are also giving away free licences till Jan 2005. Go and get one now.

More questions?

Questions about visitors got me thinking about this blog itself. Why is this blog here? Where is it going? I created this blog in an fit of enthusiasm without giving any thought to it. So its time to think out its existence and chart its future.

This blog is an experiment to see if I am ready to write in public. To see if I have the commitment to post regularly. To see if I can. If all this is satisfactory, I will start my public blog.

Where this blog is going? I know not. That will require more thought and contemplation.

It vanished without a trace. Whatever it was. As the wind died and the mist cleared, there was nothing. It must have been just my imagination or was it…

Monday, December 06, 2004


Who are you? Where are you comming from? and Where are you going?
I cannot answer all these questions, but I hope to get some info about you. I have added the free counter and statistics service to my blog.
Its getting darker, the winds are blowing, and in the distance inside the mist is a shadowy figure or just a figment of my imagination...

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